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Today, I thank God for 27 years of  life. For me birthdays are more reflective and personally significant than New Years’. As I look back on my journey thus far, I wander what are some things a woman should know/do. This list includes some insight to important ideas and tasks I have gathered along the way.

*Cooking skills- Everyone is not going to be as capable as the next. But, that’s ok. Here are my tips:

1. Season thorougly 2. Cook Thoroughly 3. Don’t  Burn 4. Cook with Love

Thanks to my mom and granny for passing the desire and the love of cooking to my sister and I.

*Be strong!

*Keep it clean – Yourself,your home,your car,your attitude,your spirit.

*Know your history.

* Separate the real,from the bullshit.

*Be prepared to dress for any occasion.

*Know your values and beliefs, BEFORE you get into a situation that challenges them.

*Lively up yourself! – At  least be capable of: styling your own hair from its own NATURAL state, give yourself a mani and pedi, facial, and shape your own brows. Even if you choose to utilize the service of professionals,you never know when you may have to rely on yourself to get these things done.

*Be vigilant.Never get so comfortable you stop paying attention,especially in unfamiliar territories.

*No fear of  work- work outside home,inside home, work/learn to make yourself better at all times.

This is not a definitive lists.Some of these things I have mastered,others are still a work in progress. Anymore suggestion?  Please add in the comment section.